Monday, July 22, 2013

Traffic Clowns

You would expect clowns to drive in the carpool lane but you won't find them there. The only time they drive a Smart car or a Fiat 500 is at work but that's not what they drive to and from work.

I know this because a I saw a clown in traffic, most likely driving home after an birthday gig for a sticky four-year-old. It was more than a little unsettling to see him come up behind me in my rear view mirror. I was never afraid of clowns before but seeing one with road rage is bound to give me nightmares.

This clown's commuter car was a Suburban and he was definitely not in the company of other clowns. I can only imagine a clown would need a car of that size in order to transport a large quantity of whipped cream pies or whoopee cushions.

Not very fuel efficient either which means sooner or later you're bound to see a clown at the gas station.

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