Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maybe Not So Homeless

We found a place to live in Vancouver. As you may recall, we were politely asked to move out of our previous residence after the owners' dissolving marriage required a reallocation of their own living situation.We thought we found another place to live - in fact, two other places - but snags of one variety or another prevented us from securing housing that didn't include room service.

By they way, room service works just fine for me. Living in a hotel has its perks besides no cooking. There are no other chores such as laundry or housecleaning either. But there's no place to hang one's hat, so to speak, and schlepping your stuff back and forth increases the risk that one might forget one's wallet or other pertinent item such as that.

On one occasion, Hubby forgot his entire suitcase. He left for Vancouver (WA) early one morning by car. About an hour later, as I was leaving for work in Seattle, I found his suitcase still in the garage. He had distracted himself by fetching our recently emptied garbage cans from the curb before loading his suitcase in the trunk and when he was finished, he had forgotten all about it. After I called to inform him of his omission, he turned around and I met him in Tacoma to reunite him with his belongings.

We should be moving in next week, if everything goes according to plan and if there's one thing I've learned is nothing ever goes according to plan. At least now I should be able to convince the cable company we haven't made off with any of their equipment.

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