Thursday, July 25, 2013

Close Call

I've been a little worried about Vancouver's Finest. From the moment I posted it (and re-posted it on Facebook), I've been waiting for my face to appear on Dumbest Criminals (or something like it) for getting busted after publicly sharing criminal activity. I would like to set the record straight. To wit, I neither confirm nor deny that I was the driver of the car; I neither confirm nor deny the driver used, or did not use, a turn signal indicator; I neither confirm nor deny that I made the whole thing up.

That being said, someone pointed out to me yesterday that the licence plates were expired on the vehicle in question. Thankfully, said person was not wearing a uniform. I hightailed it out of the office (what better reason to leave work early than to right a wrong?) and drove within the legal speed limit directly to the emissions testing center. I thereupon went to the Department of Licencing to get new tabs.

A black and white rolled by as I was affixing the stickers to the rear license plate but I was in the clear. Just in time.

I wasn't in the clear a week ago when said car was allegedly parked across the street from the C-Tran bust. I'm just glad I didn't write about that.

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