Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Like Camping Only Different

We drove in two cars to Eastern Washington, the boys in one car and the girls in the other. There was a video playing in the boys' car to entertain the four-year-old and the girls' car had to make two stops to change the diaper and refill the bottle for the baby. The drive took longer than planned but we got there with nearly all our nerves intact.

Released, the kids dissipated into the atmosphere, one racing around the yard and the other being passed from one family memeber to the other. (You can figure out which was which.) Hugs all around, we hauled food, drinks, clothes, toys, and the diaper bag into the house and staked a corner for ourselves.

The 1,200 square foot house hosted ten people that night. Technically, there were two bathrooms but one was in the master bedroom so effectively there was only one bathroom for all the guests to share. There were another five people staying in a trailer across the street, and two more that got a hotel room. (The two in the hotel room probably had the right idea.)

We ate well all weekend, grazing frequently on everything from Cheetos to fresh picked cherries whether we were truly hungry or not. We sat in a row of rocking chairs on the covered front porch, and we slept wherever we found an empty bed or couch.

By the time we left we were well sated. And ready for a proper shower.

There's only so many times a person wants to hear the audio from Prep and Landing coming from the back seat of a car, so I'm told. Five hours later, we were at the rendezvous point to return the kiddies to their rightful owner. An hour later, we were home.

A nanosecond after that, I was taking a long, hot shower.

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