Monday, October 1, 2012

System Re-Boot

From Drop Box
When they roll up the carpets in Mountain Home, they're not fooling around. They closed the whole city last night for a system-wide re-boot. We should have taken a drive just to see what it looked like, a whole down gone dark. As it was, we were in our hotel room (no glow sticks) and we missed the end of the movie we were watching that wasn't quite over when the power went out.

No A/C and no windows that open. I wondered if the door locks worked or if they had battery backup. What about the sprinklers, fire alarms, and smoke detectors? How many transformers would blow when the juice came back online?

The sun came up and the power was on. Just another day. Everything looks like it went as planned, although I haven't ventured outside the hotel yet. Speaking of venturing out, the sign on the hotel room door says "Fire alarm sounds like a loud siren."

Perhaps there was some confusion.

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