Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vancouver USA

I don't know how Vancouver influenced Sunset with this video but it resulted in Vancouver being named one of The West's best main streets nevertheless. The very last scene is of a walkway along the Columbia River just steps from where I live. The unnamed restaurant is McMenamins on the Columbia.

Vancouver is a great place to live. We love Main Street and all it has to offer. It does indeed have breweries, restaurants, and coffee houses. The Kiggins Theatre shows great movies at a decent price and has the best movie popcorn anywhere.

Vancouver's beautiful, new library is three blocks from Main Street. And, about a half mile away is the historic Fort Vancouver National Park. Main Street is one mile from my front door.

This video produced by Vancouver's Downtown Association does a better job of it.

Vancouver is a friendly town located in southwest Washington across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. And it really does have a great Main Street.

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