Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Warning! I'm out of coffee!

This is quite accidental, running out of coffee. I should have anticipated it days ago as I poured the last of the coffee beans into my grinder. It was totally avoidable.

As it is, I am surviving on half-caf this morning, rationing the last bit of the caffeinated coffee to last me through tomorrow. Tomorrow's coffee will be almost entirely decaf. (My latte will be caffeine free.)

No, I am not ill. I have not been advised by a doctor to reduce my caffeine intake. I am not turning over a new leaf. I'm going on vacation and refuse to open an new bag of beans two days before I go, preferring to keep them fresh until I get back, but I planned poorly and am running out of coffee (the real stuff) ahead of schedule. Alas, all I that remains is decaf. Already I am wondering what reason I will have tomorrow to get out of bed.

Be not afraid, world. My destination is stocked with full-strength joe. What happens between now and then, however, is anyone's guess.

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