Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The dust hasn't quite settled and tax returns still float through my dreams but I found a beach on which to recuperate so we are hoping to be back to normal soon. As if tax season isn't a whirlwind unto itself, I spent the last days of it in four offices, two of which were mobile (one of which had an amazing view). One of my offices was temporarily shut down and I relocated to a fifth office to finish out Tax Day.

Somehow, it all got done. It always does and I never know how. There's always a new client on the last day and always an existing client who brings in his stuff with hours to go. It's a crazy business, tax prep, but now the pressure is off and I can breathe for a while.

At this very moment, I'm drinking coffee in bed and looking out at the ocean. I might just stay here for a while.

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