Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bird Talk

I met someone today who has a Seahawks Gresham jersey. No, really. She wasn't wearing it, I have to point out. She was wearing #3 Wilson (I hear he's popular) but I was wearing my #49. She approached me and asked why I had this particular jersey. It was a reasonable question considering not many know who Gresham is much less what position he plays - even after I tell them!

Turns out her name is Gresham. I'm not sure she knows what a long snapper is. I think she just liked the name. Still, that's two. I think the Gresham fan club is on a roll. 

In other news, a crow dropped an anvil on our car yesterday. That's why it sounded like anyway. BOOM! I have no idea what hit us but it was startling. In the rear view mirror, I could see a crow in the street picking up whatever it had lost. It might not have been an anvil but it was big enough to leave a good sized dimple in the roof of the car. Anyway, It couldn't have possibly been edible.

This reminds me of a completely unrelated story I've been meaning to tell. It happened last August so stop me if you've already heard it. We were docked in Kingston and a seagull was on the finger pier next to us trying to eat a starfish. The seagull would pick the starfish up in its beak and try to swallow the starfish whole but the starfish was too wide. It would drop the starfish on the dock, reposition, and try again. 

Time after time, the starfish prevailed by being simply too wide to pass by the mouth of the seagull. But then, something happened. I looked away for only a moment but when I looked again the starfish was lodged in the seagull's throat. It looked just like you would imagine - a seagull with a starfish in its throat. 

The seagull did not look happy for its efforts. It looked rather embarrassed. Still, it tried to appear nonchalant in front of the other gulls. (What, this? It's nothing. I just got something caught in my throat.)

I don't know how the seagull fared in the end - we went ashore and grabbed some lunch at that point - and I don't know what this story has to do with the Seahawks. But let it be a lesson to you, whatever that is. 

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