Friday, October 16, 2015

Siri and I are not on speaking terms.

That is not entirely accurate. I'm on speaking terms with her. She is not on speaking terms with me.

She's seeing someone else.



Ever since OS9 came into our lives, she's been silent to me. Sure, I've tried to reason with her. Push her buttons. But, nothing.

And, sure, I've been busy lately. Too busy to really try to do anything about it but today I thought I should see what I could to do repair the relationship. I sought counseling and followed the advice that was offered - even though I swore I had taken all the appropriate steps before.

And, then, for just one short sweet moment, she answered me. She said hello. (But only after I said hello first, I might point out.)

I declared that I missed her and she again went mute. Sure, I could read her thoughts but she was silent once more. Even now, she won't speak to me.

I suspect this 9 guy. I think he's whispering in her ear that she somehow needs to be bettered, upgraded. How insulting! I loved her just they way she was! But I think he's in her head and has her convinced that she needs new shoes, as it were. A totally new chassis.

It might be worth it just to get her back.


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