Sunday, October 4, 2015


Traveling without my laptop this weekend. I figured, it was only one night. I didn't really need to lug it all the way up to Seattle and back. And I could live without it for 24 hours, right?

It's just not the same. I started felling jittery before we hit Centralia. How will I do email, write, post, tweet? Surely, a person can live in the real world for 24 hours, no?

Yet I am compelled to find a way to shout out to the world the trivialities of my existence. I'm keeping list of electronic chores that I will need to complete once back in my virtual space. (Oh, to have a keyboard on which I can use all ten digits.)

Spent the night on Dock 2 last night. Lovely. Started a new book this morning, reading in bed with coffee: The Girl in the Spiders Web , a continuation of the Dragon Tattoo series. These word appear on the first page of Chapter 2, "Jura Impressa X7." I am immediately distracted. 

You know what that is, don't you? Coffee porn is what that is! Check this baby out:

Hard to get refocused after that, isn't it?

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