Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Today's News

I was assaulted by a homeless woman this morning. I feel bad for the woman. She looked like she's had a rough go of things. 

I inadvertently woke her up from her park bench slumber this morning around 6:45. That would be enough to make me grouchy, too, I suppose. (Especially, if I didn't have access to a cup of coffee.) But I hadn't seen her and either my conversation with Hubby or a morning greeting with another walker disturbed her.

She ranted and raved and generally carried on in a loud and unintelligible manner. At that point, I had no idea she was angry with me in particular, just angry in general. (It's a well used walkway.) But then she started following us.

Eventually, and this is the short version, she came up behind me and before I had time to react she kicked me in the leg just above the ankle. Pretty hard, too.

Nothing's broken that I can tell. Icing it and keeping it elevated. Phoned it in but not pressing charges. I'll get better. Not so sure about this homeless woman.

Rough start to the day but it was a good excuse to stay home from work.

It's a good excuse to stay in bed tomorrow morning, too, I think.

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