Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Death of a Doppelganger

Dick Van Patten
Many people think Hubby looks like this guy (or used to anyway). He's been stopped in the street by strangers asking if he was "that guy. You know, the one on TV. The one from that show."

The show was "Eight is Enough" which aired in the 1970's.

We were in Los Angeles once when a cashier at a drug store became temporarily start struck until she figured out Hubby wasn't who she thought he was.

I don't exactly see it but a lot of other people do. It's amazing to me how often this has come up. It's funny, though, that people could rarely remember this guy's name in that instant. But we knew who they were talking about. We would shake our heads as soon as they got out, "Hey, are you . . . ?"

I don't know which one looked like whom but one of them is gone. (Hint, it isn't Hubby.)

DVP passed away June 23, 2015.

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