Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breaking Updates

Two things: I saw a skipper and no more hot flashes. (These items are not related.)

I went out for a walk the other day down by the river where there's a busy walking trail and I saw a young man who was getting ready to do the same. Only he skipped (as in, to my lou) rather than walked. Granted, he was only warming up before starting his run but I think it's catching on.

In unrelated news, I stopped taking a prescription drug that was prescribed to alleviate acid reflux. (I did it without a doctor's note so don't tell anyone.) I substituted two cups of ginger tea for the drug. Sometimes, I have mint tea. (I had a mint medley tea at Lapellah over the weekend that was out of this world.) The tea seems to be working and quells at least 90% of my symptoms which is good enough for me.

As a result (or coincidentally), my hot flashes stopped. Entirely. Didn't expect that at all but I am much relieved!

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