Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What do May flowers bring?

Tax returns.

No kidding. People who couldn't get their tax returns done in April (for any variety of reasons) want them done in May.

Where did May go, by the way? It's nearly June already.

I have a bunch of tax returns crowding my calendar - I haven't counted how many - that are leftover from April's rush. Somehow, they're not getting done and I'm not sure why. Part of the reason is I don't want to do them. Not at the same pace as April, anyway.

Another reason is May has simply gotten away from me. Don't ask me how. It was April a moment ago and now it's nearly June (as I previously mentioned).

A good number of them need to be done - or at least looked at - by June 15th when estimated tax payments are due. I have very good intentions of getting to that. Really, I do. Besides, Howard Schultz has been calling me ever since April 15th, wondering where I've been. I guess it's time to reload my Starbucks card and get serious about getting some work done.

But that sounds a lot like work.

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