Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Four Weeks To Go

I am dog tired.

It's tax season. (Did I mention that already?) Also, we had to move because our landlady is crazy. (I think I mentioned that, too.) And, these things happened simultaneously. As in, at the same time. As in, I did four tax returns yesterday and then went home to pack, shlepped stuff to the new place, and unpacked. All. In. One. Day.

Now, you might be the type who likes to do tax returns. Or, you may be someone who likes to move. But I'll just bet you've never done both before. (You don't know what you're missing out on.)

Today, I said To hell with tax returns and I spent the most of the day moving more stuff and cleaning. Now, you might wonder what one moves when one moves from one furnished apartment to another. It turns out it can be a lot when you've been living in a place for a while. But that's another story.

We're done. We're moved. And, we're tired.

Tomorrow, it's back to tax returns.

I'll tell you about the new place later. Right now, I'm dog tired.

(By To hell with tax returns, I mean I'll be working this weekend.)

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