Friday, August 9, 2013

Magnetic Disturbance

We walked into town and found a fuse for the stereo and figured out how to remove the stereo unit from its housing. Man, there are a lot of wires back there! One of the wires is the Aux Out. Currently, this connects to an iPod adapter so we can play music from an Apple device. Useful, if you have an Apple. We have Android devices.

Actually, I do have an iPod Touch but without an internet connection it doesn't do much. We're experimenting with the Hot Spot through our phones which works well enough as long as we have cellular service. But, now that we found the Aux Out, we could trace that wire behind the wall and under the couch and replace it with an adapter to play Pandora straight out of the phone. Not sure if it's worth the trouble, especially if we can't turn the stereo on in the first place.

We replaced the fuse and still don't have power. We have a small, dripping leak in the cockpit sink that triggers the sump pump to do it's thing on a fairly regular basis. Hubby thinks we may have burned out the pump earlier when we unplugged it and let it go dry. It pumps, but not well. This may not bode well for my shower this morning.

The charts did mention something about a magnetic disturbance up here so my current theory is that all will be righted when we get back to the Lake.

Hubby didn't want his coffee this morning. I could have made less but I thought it would be more efficient if I just drank his share.

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