Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easy Does It

The IRS has issued a statement for those people who are expecting refunds:
Due to the large number of inquiries and to avoid service disruptions, the IRS strongly urges taxpayers to only check on their refunds once a day.
Apparently, people are anxious to know about their refunds so they are checking online, with smartphone apps, or by calling. They are checking so much so that the IRS is worried about service disruptions.

Once per day is enough, they say, as their system doesn't update more frequently than that.

I was surprised when I first read this statement but since then we've had so many clients come in to file their taxes that I think people really are anxious this year. We have more new clients than ever and returning clients are coming in much earlier than in past years.

I'd like to tell everyone to slow down because I, for one, am overwhelmed. But I can't. The tax filing deadline is still April 15th, sequester or no sequester, and I'd rather have clients coming in now than on April 14th.

Someone always comes in on April 14th.

I'm not working today but I'll be in the office tomorrow. I'm already putting in 10-11 hour days so I don't feel at all guilty about taking today off. I'll be working seven days a week soon enough.

Tonight, we are attending the Commodores Ball at Rainier Yacht Club, a formal, black tie affair. My hair is done and my nails are painted. All that's left is the dress, makeup, and a pumpkin coach. I've already got the prince.

So, adieu, mon amis. I have the night off.

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