Thursday, March 28, 2013

But That Was Yesterday

It's a known fact that in the last few weeks of the tax season, all female accountants will menstruate - at least once. I do not mean to make the argument for male accountants. Rather, I encourage you to check your lunar calendar or the tides tables or whatever it is before coming into proximity with a female accountant during tax time - unless you are bearing edible gifts such as those mentioned yesterday.

I am about to lose my shit.

Every year I fall prey to a meltdown and I fear mine could come at any moment. I go from feeling incredibly productive to powerfully frustrated within seconds and find I have no control over it. (PMS, anyone?) Surely, it could have something to do with my diet which, as you have read, centers mostly on coffee and chocolate. If my employer didn't bring in lunch every day, I would forget to feed myself at all.

It could also have to do with my lack of any physical activity whatsoever. Thank goodness the bathroom is at the end of the hallway or I wouldn't get any exercise at all.

It's a bubble, and I know it's a bubble. I just have to get through the bubble and I'll be okay. I just have to get through the bubble without bursting but even if I do, it won't last long. If I can just hold my shit together for a couple more days, I know I'll make it to the finish line. Just one more tiny hill in the 25th mile.

And, then, Hawaii. My happy place. I'm working my ass off so I can go to my happy place. And I can do this. Just a little longer.

Mood swings. Jeez.

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