Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ladies Room

I was in a hardware store the other day and stopped in the ladies room. Guess what? No line. In fact, no other ladies in the restroom at all. A dozen stalls, two of those communal washing stations, no women. It seems such a waste to be in an out in a couple of minutes. A whole big restroom to myself and, what? No conversations to strike up, no gossip, just using a restroom for what it was intended.

This, in stark contrast to a state park I visited last month. It's an island, with no vehicles, no bridge, no way to get there except by boat. There's no hotel, no cabins, just tent camping if you're willing to trek it there by boat and then hike it to your site. It's all of 475 acres. You can walk the five miles around it practically without seeing another human being until, of course, you come to the ladies room in the middle of the island. Then, there's a line. Seriously.

Football games are sweet revenge when the lines are outside the men's room.

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