Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Notebook, Dogs, and Dolls

I bought a little spiral bound notebook today which is so retro but feels comfortable, trusted. A way to keep track of all my thoughts and random musings and access them without power or cords, without needing to be at one computer or another. I know, I know - I could have a smart phone or an iPad or some such device that would be infinitely more cool but writing with a pen is so much faster than typing on a teeny weeny keyboard. Besides, my investment was in the neighborhood of $3 and came with pink flowers on the front and back covers. I'm thinking, good investment.

So I've already filled the first page, which included the following list:


...among other things. So I guess I'll have to tell you about Dogs and Dolls.

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Ted Compton said...

Wasn't that a play or something? Oh, wait. Dogs?