Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel On The Water

I haven't really seen any angels lately. Of course, I haven't really been looking for any either. Then again, there are angels that are in my life every day that I tend to overlook and take for granted.

But a new one showed up the other day and washed my boat. I don't know who did it but when I got there, I found the cockpit carpeting was soaking wet. No note, not business card, just clean carpets.

The cockpit cover was on the boat so it was all buttoned down when we left it, and it was all covered up when we came back so whoever it was either had to crawl in underneath the cover or, more likely, took the cover off.

What I'm thinking is, the angel cleaned the wrong boat. The good news, as if that wasn't enough, is that we'll probably get another year out of these carpets. We were planning on replacing them this year. They still need to get replaced (the rubber backing is falling apart and making a mess) but now they look good enough to go another year.

There's a 40' Formula PC on the same dock, same color as ours. I'm thinking the Evening Rose maybe is wondering why her carpets aren't clean....

Speaking of angels, Blue Angels will be here this week....

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