Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just finishing my first cup of coffee, lounging around in bed, wearing a yam and pumpkin enzyme peel on my face. Great way to start the day.

Yesterday's headlines in The Desert Sun included:

Suit Filed By Man Accused in Priest Attack

Was the white collared man violent? Did he hurl insults? It's dangerous to be Catholic anymore.... (You can find this article in several papers but I couldn't find the one linked to The Desert Sun.)

I actually had to read the second one to realize a police officer wasn't either the perpetrator or the victim.

The coffee fairy just showed up to refill my cup and I've moved on to a tomato lycopene masque. Feeling lazy, are we? I usually have several hundred words written by this time but I haven't even started yet. But my skin will radiate so that's something, right?

Nothing planned for the day. I'm thinking about hopping a local bus just to see where it takes me. Cheap entertainment, and the buses are air conditioned. Yesterday was The Living Desert which was fabulous and the day before was putt-putt golf. Meanwhile, we've been eating and drinking ourselves across all of the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area and counting ping pong as our exercise.

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