Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorite Things

I lost a favorite mug nearly eleven months ago but have managed to replace it with two others that will never replace its memory but will comfort me in my quest for not only a good cup of coffee but one that delivers. What, you ask? Satisfaction, my friend. Java should never be taken lightly - neither in its composition nor in it's delivery.

The new cups are:
  1. A plain white one that features Snoopy on one side, lying on the red roof of his doghouse, which satisfies my need for whimsy at any hour, and
  2. A tiny cup and saucer that I purchased from an antique shop in Poulsbo, which replaces the Starbucks shot glass I broke and satisfies my need to draw a shot of espresso in something that isn't labeled with a logo.
I'm behind on posting photos but I have several that I would like to get organized and posted.

Stay tuned.

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