Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Tax Day, said no one ever

Today, I'm doing what I love best: I'm in a coffee shop - this one with with a view of the Columbia River - and writing.  I wish I had more time to do exactly this. But, it's 9:30 in the morning and I already feel my day slipping away. There's much to catch up on after spending the last several weeks doing nothing but tax returns. Like, food. Laundry. Personal grooming.

But it's a beautiful day and although I'm still doing tax returns in my sleep, I'm not going to the office.  Instead, I'm booking appointments for me and my co-workers for the Wash & Brush Up Co.

Speaking of coworkers, they are almost all female and they not only do a great job of making my job easy, they have crappier jobs than I do! The work they do allows me to work from remote locations most of the time and I really appreciate that. There are only a few aspects of my job that require I be in the office and they pick up that slack for me.

While tax season is over for me, it goes on for everyone else in the office, in a manner of speaking. Not only that, their tax season starts long before mine. They file Quarterlies in January (Quarterly Federal Tax Returns - can you imagine? Filing a tax return every quarter?). Then, they file corporate tax returns in March followed by individual tax returns in April.

Even though it's April16th, they are back in the office busily preparing Quarterlies again.  (Already, three months have passed.)

Yesterday, was my Friday (finally) but it was only Thursday for everyone else so no Snoopy Happy Dance just yet.

Hang in there, ladies. You're almost there.

I'll see you in six months and we can do it all again.

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