Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Half Full

There are a few, couple redeeming qualities to this condo situated at the end of the PDX runway*. One is the river. It makes sense that transportation hubs should locate near a river. There's generally little elevation for highways or rail and international ports support the barge traffic moving cargo along the river. I'm sure there's an excellent reason for the airport being located here as well but I haven't a clue what that might be. Perhaps, it has something to do with the wind that whips down the river corridor.

Even as transportation is lured to the river, so is housing. Therefore, we have an odd mix of trucking companies alongside condos peppered with restaurants, walking trails, and railroad tracks.

Trains, planes, and automobiles.

We've had a few days of sunshine+ to enjoy walking on the river and that is what we will miss the most about our current temporary accommodations. With nearby mile-long trains at our backs, we take in beautiful sunsets over the decrepit but stunning-from-afar steel structure of the I-5 bridge. Everyone comes out with sun. Old people, children, foreigners, and lovers all stroll along the river communing with each other and the recently forgotten outdoors.

But just this week, I discovered another redeeming quality: the lamppost outside my bedroom window. Not only does it provide a convenient, perpetual night light, I also took no notice of Daylight Savings Time as it's always daylight in the glow of our well-located condo.

As for the runway, I have a suggestion for the next tenant to live here: the planes probably won't hit you but I wouldn't recommend putting your hands in the air.

 *I exaggerate. But only slightly.
+Note to Right: It should be there in a few days. Hang in there!

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