Friday, October 26, 2012


I mentioned earlier that I fell off the Global Boycott wagon. This was Wednesday and I was getting my hair cut in a salon that is located next to a Starbucks. My thoughts, at that point, were altruistic. I still had a few bucks left on my reward card and rather than let Starbucks keep my money, I was going to spend it all and close the account.

But then - and anytime I start a sentence with "but then" you should be alerted to the fact that things went awry from that point forward - I logged on to their website to check my balance. Exactly, how much was on my card?

Who cares? should have been my self-reply.

But I looked, and I became distracted. Argh - those bleeding stars! I only needed to purchase three more drinks (thus earning three more stars) to get a free drink (the only remaining benefit of the rewards program, assuming I maintain Gold status which requires 30 cups of coffee per year). Hell, I was about to buy one - what's two more?

And so, I put another five dollars on the card, got a coffee, and am one star closer to a free drink. But, I still have a remaining balance. I'm not sure I accomplished much. Not only that, I sacrificed my already shaky moral principals for a double tall soy latte.

Yes. I feel guilty. But I have a plan. Two actually. The first is to buy stock in Starbucks thus creating my own rewards program. So, if I give Starbucks $500 (which is roughly the equivalent of 110 double tall soy lattes), I could earn enough in dividends for a free cup of coffee.

The other strategy is to sign up all my family and friends for a Starbucks card. Even without Gold status, registered cardholders get a free drink on their birthdays and I don't think they have to buy a single cup of coffee for that reward.

And, if I employ both strategies, I'd get more free coffee than if they continued to reward me as a loyal customer in the first place.

No, I'm not bitter.

And, I guess I'm not feeling all that guilty either.

The bottom line is the Global Boycott continues to struggle. This time I fell off the wagon after a week. But, that was six days longer than the last time, so I'll consider that progress. And then - note the difference between "and then" and "but then" - there's this:
It is disheartening that calls for boycotts of Starbucks stores and products, which are based on blatant untruths, have had direct impacts on local economies and residents....
Starbucks: Myths and Facts
However I proceed at this point may be of no consequence. I have them right where I want them.

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