Monday, December 20, 2010

Dresses And Asses

Laurasmagicday writes:
It's been forever since I bought a new holiday dress. The invitation says "semi-formal." So I walk up to my closet and check out what made it up north and isn't in storage in LA. Hmmm. I stick my arm into the wall of hanging clothes and practically pull a muscle to give them room to breathe. Slide. Slide. Slide go the hangers as I asses in seconds whether the dress in my paw will work, or not.
I really want a new dress too. I found it about five minutes before I was supposed to be dressed and ready for the office holiday party, having lost all track of time. My husband called wondering where I was. I dropped the dress and ran out of the store, went home to don what-I-always-wear, and made it to the party a half hour late.

Did I mention I was hosting?

I've since been back to the store, but "my" dress was gone. Maybe next year.

"...I asses in seconds..." Me, too. I often feel like I have more than one ass so my New Year's Resolution is to narrow it down to just one ass. I bought those goofy walking shoes - the kind that have soles shaped like boat hulls - and will try to get out to walk every day.

This may not seem like such an accomplishment where you are but it's dark and wet here so I'm giving myself points for adding the requirement that my walking must be done outside. There's really no need for this requirement as I own a very expensive and equally dusty treadmill. Even in the rain I'd rather be outside so that's the plan.

To my friend, Laura, congrats on the new dress. Sorry about the asses.

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