Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm talking several generations from the iPhone here but I was noticing how they've been getting bigger, phones. They used to be as big as bricks. But, now, my current flip-phone just about fits in the palm of my hand. I checked a new "smart" phone from Sprint and it seemed HUGE compared to what I'm carrying now.

I've noticed that sometimes that's all a person needs, one's phone. Women, in particular. They leave their purses behind and just carry their handful-sized phones in their hand, or sometimes a pocket (if the jeans aren't too tight).

So, I'm thinking - This is brilliant. What's a purse for anyway but to lug around stuff that's usually not necessary. Why not let your phone handle everything? Now, that would truly be a smart phone.

First, I think the cover - since it appears every phone now requires one - should double as a lint brush. Second, there should be a slide out hair brush. All the bristles would fold flat to about the size of a credit card and slide into a thin slot (Go-Go Gadget style). Third, some models could have either a Velcro attachment for one's ChapStick, or perhaps a refillable reservoir for lip gloss. Last night, I watched a show on TV wherein a woman whipped out a pack of dental floss from her purse. So, why not a dispenser in your phone?

Naturally, it would also store all your banking information. No need to carry a wallet, if you're already carrying a phone. Security would be handled by a wireless key, like my car. I don't need to put my key into the ignition to start the car. I don't even need to get it out of my pocket to unlock the doors. Why not do the same thing for your phone? The "key" could be any tiny device that transmits a signal to the phone and must be within a certain proximity to unlock its most sensitive features. The device could be small enough to be embedded under the skin, made into jewelry, or carried like a coin in a separate pocket. As long as you don't lose the phone and the key together, all the banking info (or anything else you want locked) is safe.

Finally, there should be cameras on both sides of the phone so you can view and/or record video of yourself. This doubles as one's pocket mirror. This particular feature wold be called Mirror, Mirror and would be voiced activated. Naturally, the user would have a choice of the responding voice.

Watch out, Apple....

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