Sunday, July 4, 2010


When my husband came home today, I hoped to pleasantly surprise him by making his favorite dinner: red spaghetti. Now, I have to tell you that red spaghetti is probably my least favorite meal. Plus, we are planning to leave tomorrow for a week long cruise on our boat. So, I wasn't going to make it from scratch but I did buy some mushrooms and a nice jarred sauce and, still, thought he'd be pleased.

He said, "What? No carrots? No celery?"

Usually, he's pretty good about memorizing his lines. But I help him out occasionally. Like when I need a little help to feel pretty, I tell him, "Tell me I'm pretty." Or, after I've vacuumed, I'll say, "Tell me the house looks great." And he always obliges. Hard for him to fail to meet my expectations that way, right?

And, when he's not sure what he's supposed to say, he says, "Line?"

So I reminded him, his line was "Thank you, darling. I'm so lucky!"

Later, I thought I would give him a little test. He was off somewhere else in the house while I was in the kitchen baking cookies (the lucky bastard) and I shouted "Why, yes, darling! I'd love one."

My friend, Jack, appeared a short time later.

Good man.

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