Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Could It Be?

They say around here "Summer doesn't start in Seattle until the Fourth of July." This year presents a perfect example. Before the official start of Summer on June 21, the Seattle area only saw five days of weather temperatures above 70 degrees. Since then, we've had five more.

But now, after the fireworks are over the forecast is for ten more days of 70-plus weather - in a row! More than half of those are predicted to be over 80 and the warmest is predicted to be a mere degree from 90!

Are you kidding me? Do you know what happens when you add hot water to a frozen glass? I don't mean to complain here but I don't think we're prepared for this. Whine all you will about all the damp weather we've been having but I guarantee we'll be complaining about the heat in a week's time. (Not to mention local drivers who now have to adjust to a new adverse driving condition known elsewhere as sun.)

Which is not to say I don't plan on taking full advantage. Went threw the locks yesterday, and am sitting on my boat in the sunshine right now with my second cup of coffee (which is dangerously close to empty). We'll spend a day or two here on Blake Island, and then head further south in Puget Sound.

Photos will follow.

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