Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sick Munchkin

The Little One got admitted to the hospital yesterday for pneumonia. Pretty rough day for him. X-rays, blood tests, nose draining, and and I.V. Sad, little boy. But such a trooper.

He'll be okay, I'm sure. But they need to keep him for a couple of days until all the results are back. Low white blood count (probably viral and bacterial infection at this point) and low blood oxygenation.

We were at the hospital last night for about six hours: from ER to room admittance. (This, after we attended doctor appointments yesterday and the day before, X-ray and blood tests on Thursday.) Mom spent the night there and we were back at 8am sharp this morning. Took a break for some errands and food, and to let others visit. We'll go back this afternoon.

He has a monitor on his toe, three monitors on his chest an belly, and an I.V and he's handling it pretty well for a little guy. We brought him his toys and lots of love to help him through it.

He should be released tomorrow. All should be well. Mom and Dad are doing fine.

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