Monday, June 14, 2010

Sailing Away

Got out on the boat Saturday and stayed until late Sunday night. While floating with some friends, someone got the bright idea of powering up the netbook and logging into YouTube for some karaoke. (Someone said that was my idea, but I'm denying it.)

Someone else had portable speakers to attach to the netbook and before you knew it, there were four screeching voices carried on the wind trailing behind our boat. I'm afraid we were not well received, as there followed a rapid exodus from the Bay as one boat after another pulled anchor and left. Some simply moved away and reset their anchors elsewhere. Farther away. Yes, we are that bad.

There is a possibility they moved because they were concerned for their safety. While we were straining to reach the high notes as performed by ABBA in Dancing Queen, it turns out that our anchor had lost its hold and our small flotilla (of two) was adrift in moderately high winds. We figured this out long before we came close to anyone else and reset both our anchors which later became tangled and was the source of much consternation as we tried to call it a night.

We sang until the netbook batteries gave up the ghost. (Speaking of which, what do ghosts drink? Spirits. Ba DA dum.) We opened another bottle of wine, fired up the generator and sang some more - until there were no other boaters left in the Bay to entertain.

Maybe we need more practice.


-p said...

Actually, ghosts drink BOOOOs!

Lynn C Dot said...

Love it!!