Sunday, April 30, 2017


The Maui News continues to report on the export of sand, with Mayor Arakawa calling for a moratorium. Honolulu Construction & Draying, "the premier producer of concrete on Oahu," was identified as the exporter. Not to worry, they said, we are planning on importing sand from British Columbia to make up for it.

This is clearly above my pay grade.

Meanwhile, Maui County is under a flash flood watch. If I wanted to sit in the rain, I could have just stayed home where we had the wettest winter since 1895. No wonder I was depressed!

While a rainstorm could be the perfect recipe for a steaming cup of coffee, I recently discovered Japanese iced coffee. Boiled down, the method calls for replacing half the amount of water used to brew the coffee with ice. I made it using a 10-cup Cuisinart drip coffee maker and it turned out great, consistently. I highly recommend trying it, especially if your coffee maker doesn't make especially good coffee. It's quick, easy, and makes an incredibly smooth cold brew. Add some coconut milk, and you have the perfect island coffee.

Last, but not least, cancer sucks. I would love to say more on the subject but the words won't come. They'd be inadequate anyway. Rest in peace, Phil. And peace to everyone who loved him. He will be missed by many.

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