Thursday, March 17, 2016

Beware the C Dot Curse

You've heard of the Madden curse:  "Conjecture involving video game series Madden NFL, stating that the season a player appears on the cover, that player will be cursed with either an injury or poor performance."

The C Dot Curse: When I buy a Seahawks jersey, that player leaves Seattle. 

My first jersey was for Kicker Josh Brown. He left for the Rams in 2008. It wasn't until 2015 that I purchased my second jersey for Long Snapper Clint Gresham. He had just signed a three-year deal so I felt it was a good investment. We even became friends on Twitter.

He got canned yesterday.

According to the Seattle Times
" The 29-year-old Gresham had signed a three-year deal worth $2.7 million on March, 20, 2015 as an unrestricted free agent. His contract called for an $860,000 salary cap hit in 2016 and $1 million in 2017, with dead cap numbers of $200,000 and $100,000 (meaning, the Seahawks are saving $660,000 and $900,000 against the cap). 
" Seattle recently signed free agent long snapper Andrew East to a one-year deal worth $450,000, so the Seahawks can save a bit of money with the release of Gresham. "
Since the Seahawks is saving all this money, I expect the them to buy me a new jersey. Watch out, Jon Ryan!

Of course, I could get a Steven Hauschka jersey but he already has a backup gig as a belt model so. . . .

But, wait! It may too early to run out and get an Andrew East jersey. From NBC Sports:
" Seattle signed snapper Andrew East to a futures contract in January. East spent the 2015 offseason with the Kansas City Chiefs but was released at the end of training camp. He could be the first option in line to replace Gresham this season. "
The option deal was signed in January. Yet, Wikipedia already defines Mr. East as a long snapper for Seattle. We don't have a long snapper. We have an option! (Are there optional jerseys?)

I guess this means Clint can come to the next Cornhole 4 Cash Tournament at Blechschmidt Meadowlands.

Thank you to my nephew, Riley, who brought this to my attention last night before I had to read it in the papers. I've had time to digest it all, but will have to take the day off work because I'm so distraught. Friday, I will wear Clint's jersey for the last time out of respect for the 96 straight games he snapped for Seattle.

(Oh, snap.)

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