Saturday, June 13, 2015


I forgot to mention we got droned. Weirdest thing. 

We were part of a group to organize and host a party for about 200 people which involved, among other things, chartering an iconic and historic steamship for a two-hour cruise.

The party went off without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed the cruise and the ship garnered much attention as we steamed about the lake. Most of it was flattering while attention of another sort was beyond creepy. 

As we docked at our home port a drone flew over our bow and the passengers who were gathered there. At first it was a curious oddity but we had no idea whose drone it was. If it belonged to one of our group, I could see how we might have captured some fun images but as far as I know it didn't belong to one of us. 

Soon, I could hear people murmuring in what manner they would like to disable the drone and they quickly turned their backs to it.

It's owner must have registered our displeasure because it soon flew off but the experience was unnerving. But, hey, I guess we should just get used to it. That same weekend a new drone shop opened up just down the street. 

Maybe hiding under the bed is a good idea. 

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