Tuesday, May 5, 2015

And then . . .

. . . on Sunday, we pedaled into town on folding bikes only acquired the day before. To celebrate the brilliant weather as well as our new ride, we rode to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant.

As we arrived at the restaurant, we could hear a loud, rhythmic beat as if the tavern down the street had all their windows open. After dinner, the beat was louder and it sounded exactly like the kind of thing we needed to check out.

We only had to travel a couple blocks to see it wasn't the tavern at all. It was the Full Moon Community Drum Circle hosted by the restaurant Mint Tea.

What else would it be?

Professional street performer.
Every seat on the patio was occupied by someone beating whatever percussion instrument they had brought along or borrowed. People of any (or no) ability were encourage to join in the drumming, dancing, or flame throwing in the streets. (What??)

Do not attempt at home.
And to think we almost missed it! Before we got to La Bottega, we had seriously considered watching the belly dancers at the Greek restaurant A Touch of Athens at Hidden House.

Well, if you need to know when the next full moon is, you can check the Community Drum Circle web page and plan your next bike ride accordingly.

I think I'll get the bell installed on my handlebars before the next one.

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