Sunday, April 12, 2015


The score as of this morning, Steve, is 17. Most of them are in and just waiting for that one little thing from the client - a check made out to the IRS. Today, I hope to get through the rest of them - the  ones that have come in the last few days so that I can tell them what they owe and that they will be filing an extension. (In reality, someone else gets to deliver the bad news. So, you know, it could actually be worse.)

But these 17 are just the ones I know about. There is a team of women who will pour through the list, and the list of lists, to determine who's missing. Have we overlooked someone? Are there people we need to contact? Will we have everything done by April 15th? Do we have enough coffee and chocolate to get through it all?

I have no doubt the count will go up before it goes down. More than one will come through the doors or call before it's over saying, "It's not too late for you to do my tax return this year, is it?" Adding, "It shouldn't take long. My return is easy this year." (It takes every ounce of diplomatic strength for us not to ask why the hell they didn't just do it themselves if it was so damn easy.)

Last year, we had a client - a new one at that - who came in at 2pm on April 15th with such a request. Needless to say, he isn't my favorite client. (Although, come to think of it, there are several who fall within that category.) I haven't checked the list but I don't think he's been in yet this year. Tick tock, Mr. Client. Let's get it together. You're not a new client anymore so we know your return isn't easy. And let me add this: Don't come empty handed.

By the way, Steve. Congratulations to your wife on assuming the role of Commander of the Seattle Sail and Power Squadron. She'll do a great job and we were glad to have the opportunity to celebrate with her. But knowing that your tax return isn't done, please don't talk to me for the next three days.

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