Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last night I dreamed we were all in Columbus and we were all sitting around the family room which was furnished only with sofas against two walls. The walls were light colored, nearly white, and were not adorned with art. There were no lamps and no coffee table. My point of view was from the hallway leading to the bathroom, looking across the family room towards the kitchen table which was not that table. This one was almost colorless. Not steel, not glass, but gray with straight lines like a pencil drawing. It was washed out by a strong light that poured out from the kitchen which was to the left, but out of view. You couldn't see it but you knew it was there. No one was sitting around the table.

Everyone was sitting around in those sofas against the walls, happy, together, visiting. I was standing in the hallway when Russ and Marge emerged from the kitchen. Russ walked across the room towards me and I wanted to jump into his arms like a little kid but then I remembered he was old and I was too big for that. I jumped onto a nearby armchair instead and, somehow, I was just tall enough to hug him. He wore a white dress shirt that had little grey or silver threads running through the thin fabric and his hair was white and slicked back. He was unshaven and I could feel his white bristles against my face as we held each other tightly. We both cried, we missed each other so much.

Marge stood nearby, looking on. Her hair was done and she looked content. She wore a dark red, long-sleeved, collarless silk top. The placket and neck were accented with a deep blue. She was the only color in the room.


Ted Compton said...

Good dream.

-P said...

Yep. I miss them too!