Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voting Season

I love reading the Voter's Pamphlet, don't you? To be honest, I like looking at the pictures of the candidates. It's like choosing what you want to eat from a Denny's menu. Hmm, what looks good today?

Like Bill - isn't he the cutest thing ever? Qualifications include: He did volunteer work with his fraternity. Never mind that he didn't hold an office in his fraternity or graduate college. Let's just focus on the facts: He went go to college at the University of Washington, was in a fraternity, and volunteered his time to a worthwhile cause. (The incumbent has a Master of Public Policy and Public Administration from Washington University - in St. Louis. Yawn.)

Don't we need young people in public service? People who have lived all twenty years of their lives in the districts they wish to represent? Yes, I think we do. Screw Kool-Aid in the drinking fountains, let's have a toga party every weekend!!

State of Washington
Voter's Pampet
I also like anyone who goes by the name Zamboni. Is that his name or his profession, I wonder. No professional experience is provided on his resume for Supreme Court Justice. Looks funky but he graduated from the University of Washington (in Seattle) with honors with a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. (Dude might be smart even if you don't agree with his point of view or appreciate his handsome good looks.)

Why do they put photos in the Voter's Guide in the first place? Why are there names, even? Would bias be eliminated if we labeled them Candidates #1 and #2? Would that affect the outcome of elections, if we couldn't choose our public servants like we select our breakfast skillet entrees? 

Not to equate politics with criminals, but why are defendants in the courtroom, btw? I understand that an accused has the right to face his or her accusers but they don't have to be there, do they? They always are but what if a defendant looks guilty? I'll let you decide for yourself what that means but don't we all make judgements? You see mug shots on the Eleven O'Clock News all the time and don't you think Yep, that guy definitely did it?

As a matter of fact, I was invited to join a jury pool not all that long ago. First impression: The guy looked guilty as hell to me. That impression did not improve when the multiple charges were read. Every potential juror who was asked any kind of question vowed that the defendant was innocent until proven innocent. I'm not saying that wasn't true or that I don't believe in that ideal. I'm just saying that they all lied when they said they didn't form an impression when they first walked in the courtroom. 

I was not invited to participate in the rest of that trail.

Luckily, I can still vote.

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