Wednesday, October 15, 2014

If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood

A Personal Drone That Catches the Shot No GoPro Can | MensJournal

A personal drone of your very own! If the government isn't interested in following you around, you can just follow yourself around!

Just in time for Christmas, you can get a videographer without the videographer - a companion who will literally hover around you and record every exciting, high-octane moment of your life. Imagine, a timeless record of going to the ATM, standing in the line at the post office, or having a face-to-face conversation . . . or whatever it is kids do these days.

I can hardly wait! It'll follow me around everywhere I go and lavish me with adoring attention. Just like a dog, only it doesn't require a leash I don't have to carry a pooper scooper!

H/T Ron's Log

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