Sunday, March 23, 2014


When I lived in Chicago, I wore wool. There was winter-weight wool and summer-weight wool and everyone knew the difference between worsted, merino, and gabardine.

By contrast, in Seattle, we have different kinds of rain jackets: ones with hoods and ones without. (The last couple of days have been "ones without" kind of days.)

There are regional differences, too. Such as, the closer you get to the Washington/Oregon border, the slower people drive. It's like the river is the wrong end of a magnet, creating a force field that slows everyone down. Or, it might have something to do with Portland traffic. Once you cross the river, you can't really go anywhere in hurry so drivers just let off the accelerator around Washington mile post 10 and coast the rest of the way.

My personal theory is that Oregon drivers take "speed limit" literally. As in, there is a limit to the commodity of speed which will be fully depleted once you hit your allotted limit. Ergo, they drive slowly so as not to use up their limit. (Maybe there's no more!)

You might call it, "laid back."

I call it, "get out of the left lane!"

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