Sunday, December 1, 2013

Low Expectations

I think I'm just going to skid into 2014 and call it good.

Last year's Christmas came together as one of those magical, unexpected moments. The entire family was there, even family members we haven't seen in a while. There was no drama, no one got wasted. Just people I cared about, acting like people I'd like to care about.

Everyone helped with the tree, the meal, and the dishes. I had ten (or was it eleven?) stockings over the fireplace and everyone got along. The kids were darling, and the adults had meaningful conversations.

It was weird.

I have no such expectations for this year. I haven't dug out the decorations and I don't have any plans to. Maybe I'll get jolly later but what's the rush? Last year, I saved time by not decorating the outside of the house. Instead, I swapped all the flood lights with colored lights - red, green, and blue. Flipped a switch, and called it good. And, since these were flood lights I generally didn't use, I left them up all year. This year, presto. Done.

My only goal for December is to try to keep this site updated.

Glad to be back, Holidailies.


Paula said...

Found you through the Holidailies. I feel the same way about Christmas. I was reading about your last year Christmas and thought "yeah, that would be the day" There is always some crisis at my house...hope to follow along with you

Nicki Mann said...

I am visiting from the Holidailies site. I like the name of your blog... but it is making me hungry for ice cream!