Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yesterday's Photo

Sunset over the Columbia River
This is the picture, or one of several, that I meant to insert yesterday only my phone's SD card wasn't going to give it up. I'm supposed to un-mount the SD card before removing it but then I have to turn the whole thing off to get it out (because it's under the battery) so I figured, What's the point? I just turned off the phone, pulled out the SD card, and inserted it into my netbook.

Netbook said, "What SD card? I don't see anything."


So I put the SD card back in the phone and the phone said, "What SD card? I don't see anything."

CRAP! When was the last time I backed up my photos?

I just didn't have time to deal with it so I just ignored the problem and hoped it would go away.

Luckily, it did. (Magnetic disturbance, I tell you.)

Did I mention I can also hear what television shows my neighbors are watching? Urban living. Last night I saw two guys literally trying to herd a cat. We could hear a cat meowing, loudly as if it was injured. Not a let-me-back-into-the-house meow. More of a someone-just-ran-over-my-tail meow.

Two concerned neighbors went out into the courtyard to round the animal up. What started out as concern for the cat turned into some macho let's-pretend-we're-commandos game as they excitedly shouted instructions to each other and dove in and out of shrubbery in their effort to capture the animal.

The cat wasn't much interested in being caught.

I don't know if they ever caught the cat. I went back to my TV show and turned it up loud enough for the guys in the courtyard to follow along so they wouldn't miss anything.

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