Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving Daze

Living room, left; office, right.
Day One: Who was the idiot that said this was going to be an easy move? I don't know but I'll deny it.

Tuesday, the furniture people came to pick up our rented furniture at our Portland-area condo. The owner of this unit is, unfortunately, separating from his wife and the condo, among other things, is collateral damage. (She gets the condo; he gets the house.)

Living room, right,; office, left, obscured by boxes.
Since the condo is only 515 square feet, and we had only been there a year, and we didn't own any of the furniture, I figured we'd  need about six boxes to move everything else.

We moved one carload to storage (our new place won't be ready for a couple weeks) and moved into a hotel for the remainder of the week.

Day Two: With the furniture gone, I figured it would be a quick process to pack up the two closets, the bathroom, and the kitchen. So I got to work. We took another two carloads to storage but I was surprised that in only a year I had accumulated enough stuff to have to throw unwanted things away. Which, of course, makes me wonder why one accumulates unwanted stuff in the first place.

We also moved my office to a temporary, undisclosed location

Day Three: I originally planned to keep my office open through the week but moving it a day early allowed me to clean the place up. We took our fourth carload to storage.

Looks spacious, no?

Storage, and "undisclosed location."
It doesn't look like much, right? The whole move should have taken 15 minutes, not three days. I told you - six boxes. What could take three days?

I don't know but we're only at the halfway mark. In a couple weeks, if everything goes to plan, we have to do the same thing in reverse. Clean, move and unpack boxes, get rental furniture.

In the meantime, it's business as usual. As if I had any idea what that means.

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