Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tied Up


Travelling home from Port Ludlow, we necessarily needed to pass through the locks to get to our home port. It was an ebb tide as we tied up under the Salmon Bay Bridge and waited in the rain for our chance to lock through. About an hour passed before the light on the small locks turned green at which precise moment our fearless Captain noticed the boat was listing.

The water level had dropped, by my estimation, a foot while we were waiting. We were hung up on our lines which, by the way, were sopping wet and holding fast. Fortunately, we were able to loosen the lines without losing any fingers or having to cut them away (the lines, not our fingers) - and before our cleats tore away. However, the barnacles encrusting the wall to which we were fastened did a pretty good number slicing through our blue gel coat.

Everything worked out fine but I was surprised at how quickly the water level dropped in such a short period of time. It could have been worse.

Apartment Update

The unit for which we had hoped to apply got rented before we got our application in. Still looking....

Three Sheets

Someone mentioned to me over the weekend I should write a gossip column for the yacht club. I'm thinking about calling it Three Sheets.

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