Sunday, February 17, 2013

Breaking News

VANCOUVER, WA - Violence erupted in Apartment C between rival gangs over territory that was previously understood as belonging to the Dust Bunnies by "gentleman's agreement." Under The Bed has long been controlled by the Dust Bunnies much to the consternation of the other inhabitants of Apartment C but relative peace has historically been maintained by a loosely derived general consensus. By local tradition, Dust Bunnies have maintained control of Under The Bed and other outposts collectively known as Nooks and Crannies (which includes territories such as Corners and Chair Legs.)

A rival gang of Sink Bugs has been also occupying Apartment C but terrorized the citizenry by lurking in Ceiling Territory. While the citizens have generally been more fearful of the Stink Bugs, there has been very little contact between the two gangs, each seemingly satisfied with a certain amount of control and autonomy in the division of space.

A recent sweep by authorities of Under The Bed found the carcass of one member of the Stink Bugs ensnared in the strangling grip of Dust Bunnies. A roundup was made of all participants on the scene and an investigation continues. After the sweep, authorities are finding it difficult to find witnesses willing to come forward with a statement.

Authorities also found the body of another Stink Bug at the threshold of Door. Although it has not been determined this is a related incident, foul play is suspected.

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