Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Before the year gets completely away from me, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. The best part of writing - here or anywhere - is the reaction from readers. I'm just having a good time and I'm glad you are too. That's the whole idea.

Top props go to the Most Exclusive Blog (76003.1414) - the source of my most ardent supporters (three or four, maybe?) and much inspiration. I have a nice readership that connects with me through Facebook and that tickles me because many of these people I see on a regular basis and when I do we just pick up the conversation wherever it left off here.

I always pick up a lot of readers in December through Holidailies and it's fun to see a surge in readership! I love reading posts there too and have found new favorites. (I'll set up new links sometime early in the new  year and will try to stay in touch.)

Last, and by no means least, I would like to thank the people who drive BMWs with faulty batteries.

I wrote a post about six weeks ago entitled Come Again? that is my all time, highest grossing post - if clicks were money. As of today, 90 folks have stopped by to read this post which means there are a lot of BMWs with battery problems or I should think about changing the entire format of this blog to write about BMWs.

I don't know what I would say, exactly, about BMW but I could figure something out if that's what it takes. In the last 20 years, we've owned or leased nine. I know. That's crazy. We've had one 7 series, one 3, one X, one Z, and the rest were 5s. (Hubby's favorite was the 7. Mine is the Z which I've had over ten years.)

We've directly influenced the purchase of five more by family and friends. So, you'd think I'd have something to say.

Like, they're cute?

I'll work on it.

Maybe in my next novel my heroine should drive a BMW with a clock that loses time. When the service department tells her there's nothing wrong with her car (for which information she is charged an obscene amount of money) she can only conclude that she is traveling through time - five minutes at a time.

If that's what it takes to sell a book, so be it. I'll be sure to list Sport-Touring.Net in my Acknowledgements.

However you got here, thanks. I'll do my best to give you reasons to stop by again.

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