Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cute Little Boy

Someone asked me Who's the little boy in your FB profile picture?

Well, that's not a little boy. That's me.

It's not the first time I've been confused for a boy. In fact, just a year ago (when my hair was much shorter) one of my friends said I was wondering who that boy was on your boat, until I realized it was you!

The first time I remember being called a boy (my brother remembers this story) was when we were little, my brother and I, and we were playing on some playground somewhere - back in the day when you could leave your house on bikes without Mom or Dad and no one worried about sexual predators or stranger danger. I think we were swinging on swings and some elderly person (presumably with poor eyesight, maybe?) said something along the lines of Cute boys....

Well, after that, I grew my hair long. Kept it that way for a very long time. Cut it short and there you go - I look like a boy.

Guess it's time to change my profile picture.....

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