Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Help Wanted

Someone To Goof Off For Me - Must have prior experience, sense of humor, and strong Work Avoidance skills. Responsible for surfing the net, posting to FB, blogging, writing, napping, and excessive photography. Daily Occasional Random No reporting of activities, or lack thereof, required to feed vicarious experience. Manage Be aware of Ignore schedule, logins, and passwords, for optimal Work Avoidance. Logins and passwords will be provided. Replacing individual who isn't goofing off enough. Starts immediately. No pay. Will be praised. Open bar.


  1. I'd apply, but the daily reporting requirement sounds like too much work, which anyone with strong Work Avoidance skills (me, for example) would, um, avoid...

  2. Yes, I see your point. I'll have to fix that as I've had absolutely no one apply. Hmmmm. It could be the very people I require for this position are the ones who are avoiding it.... Perplexing conundrum.